About Us

Our Story

The National Spine Management Group (NSMG) was developed through careful observation of the academic structure of medical residency and fellowship programming.  When this structure of education, mentoring and clinical training was applied to the chiropractic profession, it saw for the first time, an increased level of credibility, trust, and utilization.  Dr Owens’ initial experience in hospital-based clinics starting in 1999, current affiliations with chiropractic and medical academic institutions, a medical faculty position and NSMG’s continued support and mentoring of Fellowship candidates/graduates has been proven to succeed.  Our story is about elevating the graduate academics of the chiropractic profession while staying true to our roots, that is the only viable long-term solution to ensure our success and longevity.  

Our Goal

The National Spine Management Group’s primary goal is to train board certified chiropractors to practice as Spine Management Physicians both in community (currently practicing) and graduate (just graduating) based models. Additionally, we will influence and support this process through increased academic standards, institutional partnerships, published research and clinical exposure. Lastly, our model will focus on becoming the largest Spine Management Physician staffing group in the United States. 

Dr. Owen’s CV

Giving Back

Established in 2006, the Rural Outreach Center serves the “invisible poor” – those dispersed across a wide rural geographic area. Locating in East Aurora, NY, ROC is growing and making an impact in southern Western New York. I’m proud to sit on ROC’s Board of Directors and work hand-in-hand with so many amazing people at ROC.