Become a Spine Management Physician™

Opportunity Awaits

If you are ready to build a cohesive evidence-based practice with solid infrastructure the National Spine Management Group can help. Whether you’re looking for efficient documentation or increasing referrals from the legal or medical communities we have the experience to get you there.  With over 25 years of “in the trenches” experience, our ROI is unparalleled in the spine care industry.


  • Documentation and Compliance Infrastructure
  • Guided evidenced-based curriculum
  • Spine Management ReportsTM for MDs
  • Spine Management ReportsTM for Lawyers
  • On-Demand Practice Consulting
  • Clinical and Patient Management Support


  • All General items included
  • Bimonthly Scheduled Consultations
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Support
  • Business Plan Development and Execution
  • Risk Management Analysis
  • Financial Growth Strategies 


  • Become a Spine Management PhysicianTM
  • Increases Clinical Skills
  • Increased Patient Referrals
  • Increased Testimony/Consulting Fees
  • Increased Salary/Income
  • Work in Hospitals/Large Medical Groups

What Others Are Saying

David Packer DC


I just started using the MD Referral Program and focusing on communicating with the medical professionals in my community in a way that THEY understand.  I have 4 PCP offices and 1 spine surgeon referring on a regular basis. Understanding what their needs are and using the right vocabulary has been the missing link.  I highly recommend building your practice through medical referral for chiropractic care.  Anyone can do this…Call Dr. Bill Owens

Barry Hitchcock, DC


I have become a more professional doctor and learned a great amount regarding working within the medical system.  Residents from one of our local medical teaching hospitals rotate through my office to experience Chiropractic on a first hand basis.  I have learned how to communicate with administrators and doctors in hospitals and practices and send and receive referrals regularly.  Dr. Bill Owens is one of the top instructors in our field.  If you want referrals from medical professionals, I recommend the MD Referral Program enthusiastically.

Kenneth Bahoora, DC


This program is designed for the doctor with NO TIME.  I am one of them and have been able to use the fundamentals taught in the MD Referral Program to generate referrals from 26 different medical providers. They include 4 surgical offices, 11 PCP offices, 7 pain management offices, 1 (ENT) ear nose throat, 2 neurologists and 1 endocrinologist.  This program is so powerful that I actually get referrals from an ENT and endocrinologist. There are opportunities everywhere and MDs are looking to refer to the right chiropractor.  Dr. Bill Owens will help you to become that chiropractor without changing your technique or philosophy.  Thanks Bill.


National Spine Management Group provides you with the tools needed to succeed as a Chiropractor

Currently the National Spine Management has Fellow graduates that sit on hospital boards, work in hospital settings, triage cases for neurosurgical groups, etc.

If prestige, respect, lifestyle and being treated like a doctor appeal to you, then Fellowship training with the National Spine Management Group may be the pathway for you. Please call to find out more. Thank you!