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Good morning,

I have been speaking for some time about the caliber of student graduating chiropractic school.  If you are in the field (and I know you are) this is what is coming.   The “old” chiropractic paradigm will no longer be sufficient to succeed.  My job is to help you build so that you can help bring these new doctors into your community and practice systems.  They bring a fresh perspective to your practice, and you get to benefit from them helping you to grow.  Here is a sample, this student is from Logan University and just registered for the Advanced Imaging Certification.

National Spine Management is here to help you create systems for growth that will keep you in the game.  These students are the future of chiropractic, and YOU need to be prepared. 


I studied Cell and Molecular Biology and Japanese at University of Tennessee at Martin and Fukuoka Women’s University in Fukuoka, Japan. Since then, I have relocated to Logan University in Chesterfield, MO where my passion for evidence-based chiropractic care has led to many opportunities within external rotations at Logan University. Historically, I completed rotations through Montgomery Health Center at Logan University, Mercy JFK, and the St. Louis VA locations. Currently, I am at Affinia Healthcare STL and the Department of Public Health under the supervision of Dr. Battaglia. During these rotations, I have been able to see the impact that Chiropractic care can have on our veterans and the opioid crisis, as well as the diverse population in the St. Louis community. In addition, I have had the privilege of shadowing a Long COVID team of healthcare professions through Affinia consisting of Chiropractic, Primary Care, Occupational Therapy, Pulmonology, and Health Counseling, as well as rotating through the Primary Care, STD Center, and Opioid Center at the Department of Public Health.Outside of clinical experience, I was able to engage with the Student American Chiropractic Association executive board as the Public Relations Chair. Throughout 2020, we were able to host zooms and events pertaining to evidence-based care and diversity within chiropractic and healthcare professions. While studying in Japan, I learned the importance of patience, active listening, respecting and adapting to cultural differences, and how to maintain proper etiquette while interpreting information through language barriers. These experiences have allowed me to better understand and care for patients with different ethical, social, and religious backgrounds. As a current Trimester 10 student, I have experience in integrated healthcare settings, and I have been trained in VA motivational interviewing and CPR. I have completed Activator I, II, and III, Basic I, II, and III, Acupuncture I and II, Applied Kinesiology I, Pregnancy and Pediatrics, the Evaluation and Management of Military Veterans courses, as well as Telehealth and Chiropractic. I have been able to capitalize on my education through my external rotations, and it has given me the opportunity to better empathize, communicate, and care for a diverse patient population.My long-term career goal is to remain motivated to continue to be the best version of myself and provide evidence-based care and advocacy to various populations in the VA and STL community.