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What We Do

The National Spine Management Group’s overall mission is the creation and management of research based continuing education and practical data driven, evidenced based, practice consulting services for chiropractors in partnership with Cleveland University Kansas City, College of Chiropractic and the State University of New York at Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences


Our Approach

Our team will strategically analyze your practice, help determine unseen pitfalls, and bring your practice to new heights in income and community recognition. Through our unique guided curriculum, evidenced based live and web-based seminars, as well and one-on-one guidance ,our staff will help you acclimate to the ever changing healthcare world. Our ultimate goal is to give you and your practice the tools you need to become a leader in your practice community by increasing direct referrals from medical doctors, attorneys and other healthcare providers.


Our Mission

The overall mission and focus of the National Spine Management Group, LLC (NSMG) is to bring evidence based spine care education to the chiropractic profession with an emphasis on the Doctor of Chiropractic as Spine Management Physician. Specifically, NSMG’s focus is on inter-professional collaborative spine care and the graduate level education targeting both the chiropractic and medical communities.


About Our Institute

We are an internationally based chiropractic graduate education and practice consulting company focused on supporting the growth of the chiropractic profession. Our company is certified by the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards to deliver continuing education programming designed for you and your practice to achieve peak performance in the diagnosis and management of conditions related to the human spine.

Success Stories

“Since beginning with the National Spine Management Group, I have learned how to communicate more effectively with family medicine doctors, surgeons, other medical specialists and their staff.

The Fellowship of Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma is providing me with opportunities for one-on-one time with medical doctors.

I am getting regular referrals from MD’s and specialists. I am now on staff at my local hospital and able to provide integrated care for the people in my community while maintaining a private practice.”

Michael Bennet, DC


“Since joining the National Spine Management Group, I have learned how a properly trained Doctor of Chiropractic is being sought out and how positioning myself to be that doctor can impact my practice.

What you are teaching regarding coordination of care, talking with MDs and teaching them how to refer for chiropractic evaluation is spot on.

Presently I am connected with two pain management practices that refer on a regular basis. 


Mark Lesko, DC, FSTB


“Since I’ve started the program, we’ve established relationships with 10 different providers…mainly PCP’s, OB/GYN, Mid-levels, Physiatrists in a VERY short time.  

I am now presenting chiropractic principles at a large Interprofessional Spine Care conference in Omaha.

I even have a meeting in the works to meet with a fairly large concierge PCP practice, they are looking for a DC for their members.”



Ryan Gross

DC, Nebraska