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Manage Your Growth

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Working with NP/PA

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Bundle Marketing

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Finding TIME

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Narrative Language

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National Spine Management Group can help you achieve your practice and personal goals.

Thank you for your interest.

I am in private practice in Buffalo, New York and apply National Spine Management Group principles in my personal practice with decades of results.


National Spine Management Group can help you achieve
your practice and personal goals.

Thank you for your interest.


Increase in patients




“I developed a relationship with a neurosurgeon over a case that initially was in my office. Since then we have discussed many cases and then I was asked to be in the office next to the neurosurgeon at the hospital. The working relationship has led to helping primary care provider along with specialist such as pain management, cardiologists and emergency department doctors. There are 5 hospitals in Utah associated together that have asked to have chiropractors in the adjoining physician offices!”

Eric Lee, DC


“Since I’ve started the program, we’ve established relationships with 10 different providers…mainly PCP’s, OB/GYN, Mid-levels, Physiatrists in a VERY short time. I am now presenting chiropractic principles at a large Interprofessional Spine Care conference in Omaha. I even have a meeting in the works to meet with a fairly large concierge PCP practice, they are looking for a DC for their members!”

Ryan Goss, DC


“I just started using the MD Referral Program and focusing on communicating with the medical professionals in my community in a way that THEY understand. I have 4 PCP offices and 1 spine surgeon referring on a regular basis. Understanding what their needs are and using the right vocabulary has been the missing link. I highly recommend building your practice through medical referral for chiropractic care. Anyone can do this…Call Dr. Bill Owens”

David Packer DC



National Spine Management Group provides you with the tools needed to succeed as a Chiropractor

Currently the National Spine Management has Fellow graduates that sit on hospital boards, work in hospital settings, triage cases for neurosurgical groups, etc.

If prestige, respect, lifestyle and being treated like a doctor appeal to you, then Fellowship training with the National Spine Management Group may be the pathway for you. Please call to find out more. Thank you!

The National Spine Management’s MISSION is the development, support and evolution of graduate chiropractic education and practice growth strategies.


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