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Physical Examination Video – Basic Neurologic Screening

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This video will show you how we screen for neurological deficits on patient examination.  This is the way our Associate and Fellowship Candidate doctors are trained in the practice.  This helps us to direct the time and energy to those patients…

Physical Examination Video – Doing Vitals

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NOTE - this pressure reading is actually in the LEFT ARM although it appears it is on the RIGHT.  The camera is set up on the mirror image so when I write on the white board it doesn't read backwards. Pulse Oximeter - CLICK HERE  &n…

Triage Sheet – get started here

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Use this sheet to help learn WHEN to order and refer during the course of care.  Most of you clinical decision makaing should be done at the EVALUATIONS, this is a great cheat sheet to keep in the patient's chart OR create a pop-up in your…