Normal Intervertebral Disc Anatomy

(This post was originally published in 2016)

The following slide is an axial slice from a T2 weighted image.  The exact level is not important, what is important is the anatomy of this slice as it is as NORMAL as it gets.  This is the perfect slide to demonstrate what normal anatomy in the spine should look like. In particular, this is a great demonstration of the BRIGHT ZONE in the intervertebral disc, that is a hydrated [non-desicated] nucleus pulposus.  Please check out the other arrows to see where pertinant anatomy is located.  The image to the left is a non-labeled version so you can compare without all the arrows.  Also remember that MRI images are mirror images, so the LEFT FACET is truly the LEFT facet, that is not a mistake.  If you do not know this, dont understand OR do NOT have an MRI credential, visit to take the Advanced Imaging Certification Course and LEARN.