Building Your Army

One of the most important fundamental aspects of building a HUGE practice is the amount of people that view you as an expert in your field. Many doctors know a lot of people, but many of those people are not aware of how much you know.  That information needs to be out there and presented in a format that allows patients to talk about it in simple terms, particularly using third-party validation.  We do this with patients regularly but what about peer-reviewed medically indexed journal articles?   Customized information about your level of expertise is the key and will identify you as a resource for education. We all know it is easier to call someone that has the information that you need than to spend hours looking it up ourselves. This has been proven time and time again, that is what I am providing – RESOURCES for you to become the expert.  I do this with my practice every day.

In the Program Library section that there, in most cases,  are two links for each of the Interprofessional Spine Care Report [ISCR], one for the MD and one for the patient (that can be theirs or yours).  When we are following the protocols for visiting the MDs’ offices, bringing information that is based on medically indexed peer reviewed research is one way to “help” them meet the needs of their patients. This research “reinforcement” should be in addition to the patient Initial or Re-evaluation Report and your CV.  Make sure that you are communicating this with the MD’s staff at each visit using REAL information, not just rhetoric.

The next step is to also copy the patient versions for YOUR patients. These are “condition specific” and are written to allow a patient to remember and reiterate the contents.  We want to promote these things in “sound bite” type format. If done properly, you will have patients talking about you, MDs talking about you and MDs’ patients talking about you.  The bigger your “army” of advocates, the faster you grow…It is as simple as that.  Take the time to train your staff on introducing your patients to these flyers. Here is a wonderful script. This can be conversational at each patient visit, part of the report of findings, a mailer to patients or part of an email blast.  The more patients you have talking to their MDs about YOU the better.  We are looking for POSITIVE feedback from a primary care physician such as “That is great, I often consider chiropractic care for patients but I don’t know any good ones”…those types of MDs are a GOLD MINE!

“Dr. [your name]  would like to introduce you to some new research that is helping a lot of people become aware of new treatments available for painful conditions without the use of drugs or surgery. These flyers are designed to introduce you to that information and are provided FREE to our patients. If you have friends or family that is suffering, please share this information with them. Also, when you visit your family doctor, please make sure that you let them know that you are a patient in our office.”

If you call the Kinko’s or OfficeMax near your office, they often can give you an e-mail address to send them the materials to print. One less trip away from the office for you or your staff. Have your staff customize the fliers and email them to the printer. Then all you have to do is have someone swing by on the way into the office to pick them up! They are all ready to go in full color and looking professional.  It is important to have them on hand to give to your patients, just remember to put your office information in a text box on the ISCR.

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