Join me and the National Spine Management Group for our weekly Chiropractic Case Management presentations.  These are FREE to the Chiropractic community UNLESS you would like to put them on your CV (recommended) or use the credits toward licensure in your state.  There is a small fee for those that want to purchase credits, which are approved through the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards PACE Program.  The following link will allow you to purchase credits in one, five, and ten credit bundles.  Each presentation is one hour and one credit.  Additionally, there is a link to the PACE website for you to review whether your state is a PACE approved state.  For additional questions, you can email Jody at


January 6, 2022 – Chiropractic Diagnosis and Management of Anterior Sacral Contusion

Learn how to properly diagnose and manage a Anterior Sacral Contusion in an elite collegiate runner.  We will be discussing this case from an MRI protocols, physical examination and interprofessional communication protocol.  This presentation will include a discussion by NSMG Fellows to help bring the Spine Management Physician’s perspective to the forefront.    This case was misdiagnosed by multiple providers and is an important example of why we need more graduate clinical training in Chiropractic.  Click on the link above to register.