Hello everyone,

This document is presented to outline the upgrades to the program in 2021.  I am very excited to be able to optimize content and help you to build your practice.  Below are the items to take note of, I am looking forward to a fantastic new year.   Weekly content will be archived in the Guided Curriculum for easy reference if your schedule does not permit review during the posted week. 

Weekly Curriculum

1. Weekly Webinar – 1-1.5 hours

This is the webcast that hits on an important and timely topic on a weekly basis.  They are typically 1-1.5 hours in length.  They will be broadcast during the week at specific times on multiple days.  This is to ensure everyone in different time zones has the ability to watch and learn.  Webcasts will also be recorded and posted to the membership portion of the website.   Topics will be listed in the weekly email so you can determine whether to make time to view. 

2. Practice Consultations – written 

Practice consultations will discuss and explain a variety of topics pertinent to the modern chiropractic practice.  They will consist of a variety of topics including office administration, clinical applications, marketing to the medical profession, marketing to the legal profession.  Additional instructions on 

3. Research Review – 1 hour 

Come join me to review relevant research relevant to the Spine Management Physician.  Reviews include chiropractic, medical and legal peer reviewed publications. These are designed to help you understand current trends in spine management, justify your clinical care and fight insurance IME denials.  They will be broadcast during the week at specific times on multiple days.  This is to ensure everyone in different time zones has the ability to watch and learn.  They will also be recorded and posted to the of the website.   

4. Spine Management Report – medical and legal

Formally known as the Interprofessional Spine Care Report(ISCR), the Spine Management Report (SMR) will provide current research to support your relationships with MDs and Lawyers with a specific focus on personal injury cases. For those of you that have worked with me for a while, these were formally called the Bimonthly Flyers.  

5. Weekly Marketing Plan – to do list

This will be a basic outline of general tasks to be completed or delegated during your working week.  Completing smaller frequent tasks leads to achieving the greater goal.  I will help you stay on track and keep your staff motivated.  You will be able to simply print out this form and follow along. 

Additional Items

1. Clinical Grand Rounds – NOW AVAILABLE FOR CE

Clinical Grand Rounds are created and published by the National Spine Management group with presentation discussion by graduates of the Fellowship in Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma.  These are real world case studies and will showcase how to manage spine pain clinically as a doctor of chiropractic with an additional focus co-managing with the MD primary, MD specialist and demonstrating bodily injury to the lawyer and jury.   

You will be able to register for the LIVE event at the website, more information will follow in regular weekly emails.  There will also be a link to purchase CE credits.  Please note that  NSMG will only be providing credit toward licensure through those states that accept PACE accreditation at the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards.  To see whether your state accepts PACE, click on the following link.  https://pacex.fclb.org/pages/RegulatoryBoards.php 

Fellowship trained doctors of chiropractic will be selected by NSMG to present on the Clinical Grand Rounds and will receive Instructor CV entries.  We will discuss together relevant topics in the contemporary chiropractic clinic.  

2. Fellowship Specialty Rotations – NOW AVAILABLE

Are you interested in rotating with MDs in your community but not ready to commit to the entire Fellowship in Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma?  Now you can complete Specialty Rotations approved for CE credit and work shoulder to shoulder with other health care providers in your community.  

Each one of the Fellowship rotations is available now as an ala carte item for those wishing to learn from and share chiropractic with the medical community.   Enrolling in a Specialty Rotation will provide you with in-depth peer reviewed knowledge of the medical specialty and how they view spine management within their practices.  This is the #1 to learn how to interreact and generate hundreds of referrals from professionals in your area.  

Specialty Rotations are approved through PACE and the State University of New York at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine.  Participants will receive certificates of completion from NSMG to display in the office as well entries for your CV.  CV entries will average 3-4 per Specialty Rotation. 

FELLOW GRADUATES – if you have graduated the Fellowship in Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma and want to stay updated with the relationships you have created during the program, the Specialty Rotations are a perfect way to stay current.  Research papers are updated providing you a reason to re-connect with medical providers in your community.  Additional updated CV entries and certificates of completion will be provided. 

3. ChiroScribe Program –

As a 23-year practitioner currently practicing and in the trenches, I know how much of a drag completing clinical notes can be.  Some days it can take all the fun out seeing patients and building a clinic.  I have been consulting with chiropractic offices since 2011 and can see documentation issues are a serious burden on the growth of all practices.  That will end for the chiropractic profession in 2021.  The National Spine Management Group is releasing ChiroScribe, the most comprehensive approach to an in-office scribe in the country.  

ChiroScribe consists of 10 separate modules taken on an individual basis providing a guided curriculum for doctor’s of chiropractic looking to hire a scribe for their practice.  The benefits of a scribe an immeasurable and are not just related to direct clinical documentation.  ChiroScribe puts your office in control of its entire documentation management system including but not limited to the following:

Initial and re-evaluation E/M reports

Daily orders for imaging, diagnostic testing and patient referral

Daily work restrictions and insurance forms 

Imaging reviews and patient report of findings

Creating and maintenance of a document sharing system ensuring the medical and legal providers of your patients are receiving your documentation timely

Development of a documentation and report of findings marketing program

A detailed outline of each Module will be provided prior to the January 15, 2021 release date.  Cost will be $249 per module with each Module consisting of 5-8 hours of instruction and a task list.  This program is best utilized as a training tool, each module providing a pathway for learning and implementation.  The scribe will be learning and doing each step of the way ensuring a stress free and timely pathway to proficiency

4. Continuing Education – Research Rotations 

NSMG is currently providing and update to the Research Rotations on the website now that the infrastructure is complete.  Research Rotations include the Fellowship modules stated above PLUS evidence based peer-reviewed continuing education organized by topic.  Current topics include the following:

Innervation and Blood Supply of the Intervertebral Disc

Acute vs Chronic Schmorl’s Nodes

Radiculitis vs Radiculopathy

Cervical Facet Syndrome

Lumbar Facet Syndrome 

Pelvic Incidence and Basic Spinal Mechancial Parameters

Chiropractic Mechanism of Pain Management 

Discogenic Pain and Referral Patterns

Connective Tissue Injury and Wound Repair

All topics are approved through the State University of New York at Buffalo Jacobs School of Medicine and the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards.  Each class provides a pre-test, series of peer-reviewed indexed research papers requiring a 350 work summary and a post-test.  Cost is $125 per course.