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This past weekend the website started its re-organization process.  I am working to keep things on point and easy to interact with.  The site is now organized and will continue to be organized in the following manner.  PLEASE make sure you OPT-IN on both the email list and the SMS (text) features as this will be how I communicate with you.

1:  Marketing Flyers – the flyers for the MDs and Lawyers are now separated out of the Guided Curriculum (thank you Dr. Kramer) so you can find them instantly.  When they are posted, the site will be sending you a SMS alert, you will be able to tap on the link, download the flyer and text or email to MDs or lawyers RIGHT FROM YOUR SMART PHONE.  Each flyer has a VIDEO that will tell you what the talking points are and how to share that information with the lawyer or the MD.  I will be talking about these features on Tuesday’s Webcast at 3pm EST.

2:   Guided Curriculum – new guided curriculum (Week 13) will be posted this week.  The recent goals were to get the SMS communications up and going.  More information on those updates to follow later this week.

3:  Research Rotations – new research rotations being posted this week.  They include Cervical Facet Syndrome, Lumbar Facet Syndrome, and Pelvic Incidence and Basic Spinal Mechanical Parameters.  They will become available as they are posted, you will be notified by SMS.

4:  Consultation Videos – one slide consultations will begin this week.  These will be on a variety of topics but will show ONE slide with me narrating for 2 minutes or less.  The short and targeted nature of the content will help you to learn quickly and not have to derail your day.  These will be supportive of the larger Guided Curriculum.

5:  Webinar Registrations – now posted on the site.  Register once and you are good for the remainder of the year.  The system will provide reminders via SMS, and you will be able to register with two clicks.

Looking forward to a good week, please call me if there is anything I can do to help you or your office.  Bill

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