I spent about an hour with an attorney out of Albany New York that hired me to provide expert testimony to his patient’s injuries in a chiropractic malpractice case. I had recorded the GoTomeeting where we went over some basic MRI images, preliminary records that the patient was able to obtain and discussed causation. I am going to post this on the website for Elite Members only, please view it and keep in mind that this was the very first complete discussion we had on it. I am billing him $350 an hour and taking him through a process of understanding what’s going on. We will be meeting again once we have more medical and I am going actually going to do a telemedicine call with the patient to get a full and detailed history. The key to working with the lawyer at this level is to take your time, and incrementally educate them while providing them demonstrative evidence. You want to work through the process with them, play devils advocate and talk about strategy which you will hear in our back and forth discussion. This is a very raw initial meeting and I thought that it would give you some perspective and perhaps some confidence in building up your CV to be able to work like this in the future. I will send an email out to you once it’s posted.