This email is a follow up to the ELITE CALL that occurred this past Thursday night.  I have attached the link to watch the video of the call for those that were not attending live.  This video outlines the process that I am going through with GOAL SETTING at the Univ Buffalo School of Business Management. As Elite members, I am talking you along with me during this training – the training is 10 months long, we meet every Tuesday.  I have also attached a GOAL WISH LIST and the ENGERY DRAIN LIST for you to complete.  This is to be done by next THURSDAY’s CALL and is fairly easy.  Here is the process…

1:  Using the GOAL WISH LIST – please list all the goals that you have through about in the past. It could be a goal of automating your patient reporting, starting a Grand Rounds Program, creating an infrastructure, hire an associate etc.  Do NOT over think this, you will want to jot down everything that you can think of, we will clean it up later.

2:  The Energy Drain list is probably the most important, this is the list of the daily tasks that SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF YOU and that YOU HATE doing…this one will take a few days to accomplish, but keep it with you for the next few days so that you can add to it frequently.  Examples would be, answering messages at the office, writing notes, paying bills, faxing reports, answering the phone, rooming patients etc…it can be ANYTHING, please list as many as possible.