Good morning,
Today starts a new week, and we are certainly in the “thick of it” on multiple levels.  Here are the steps that I am following for my practice and these are what I suggest you do as well.  The MOST important thing is to stay relevant on the minds of your referral sources and patients.  These tasks should be repeated weekly.

1:  Calls – Call EVERY lawyer, PCP, Pain Management doctor and surgeon to letting them know that you are OPEN,  taking precautions and are seeing patients.   Last week was a descent week, we were down about 50% however we had 8 new patients.  That will keep the office moving forward.

2:  Continue to assess your overhead.  Continual assessment is critical at a time like and there are two categories you need to be concerned about, the first is your office overhead the second is your personal overhead.  Take the time  (btw you should know this already) to outline the BARE MINIMUM that you need to stay viable on a monthly basis for BOTH the office and the family.  Divide that by your average office visit and that is your MINIMUM number of office visits per week.  That gives you your base, communicate 25% more than that to your staff.  That will help them to understand what to shoot for, it gives them a feeling of control.  If you have questions call me.

3:  Telemedicine – Make sure you are HIPPA compliant.  I am using Secure Telehealth.  If you need please email Dan Mountain at  They do audio and video and have apps for iPhone and Android so you can use a phone or iPad etc.  Additionally they offer TOTAL SUPPORT for the patient, that way you don’t have to guide them.  Dan can give you information on pricing etc, they are month to month there is no contact.

4:   Laser Thermometer – I have laser thermometers coming from amazon.  Patients are going to get a “laser beam” to the forehead before they step into the clinic area.  This will be a protocol put in place for the foreseeable future.  Fever gets sent to PCP.  Here is the link to the ones I purchased for the office…Make sure they are for humans not industrial.

More information to follow.  Be safe, stay strong.  Bill