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Administrative Update – Your Morning Briefing [YMB]

William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP CPC

“If you do NOT have a plan, you are part of someone else’s” – Terrance McKenna

Good morning,

This coming week is going to provide the foundation to bring you to the next level.  To keep this brief, I will outline what is happening below.  Have a great morning!


The new website will be launched Monday – I do not have everything transferred yet BUT it is time to get started.  The current site will stay LIVE for the foreseeable future, if you prefer that one for now, you can stay on that one.  Each of you will get a username and password for the new site this weekend.  Tuesday’s Weekly Webinar will outline and review the site, how it is organized and all the new features.  The new platform will allow us to do a LOT more together, make learning more fun and easier and provide a better platform for growing your practice from an evidence based position.  More information to follow.


I will be posting the days and times for the updated Weekly Fellowship Call, this was a successful way to keep everyone engaged that is in the Fellowship Program OR to invite Trauma Team Members that are interested in taking the program and moving to the next level in practice.  I am working to try to get the call in the evening hours so we can avoid practice hours, right now I have to contend with 5 time zones, so it is challenging – I will make it work for as many people as I can.  These will be recorded and posted for review as well.  Additionally, the CE portion of the Fellowship Program has been approved through the medical school.  When you graduate (and for those that have graduated) you will get a Certificate from the Medical School for each of your rotations!  This is exciting, I will be discussing that in detail on the FIRST Weekly Fellowship Call next week.  More information to follow over the weekend.


I had sent out a partially loaded video yesterday on the Upper Limb Tension Test, I have corrected that and will send out a separate link for that video.  I am in the process of recording many more short videos on a variety of topics.  Suggestions include regional examinations, Report of Findings, integration of Symvetra into the practice and general “office flow” content.  There will be much more coming, it is easy to do and I think a video is really work a THOUSAND WORDS.


Clinical Grand Rounds will start next week!!  We will be discussing cases, reviewing how to communicate with the MD community  and those will all be posted on the new website for you to review and share with your colleagues.  CE credits will be available, I will be sending details on how to sign up and get those credits this weekend.  Many of you have a “credit” from the last round of Grand Rounds, if you do, hang tight and we can review those so we have accurate records.  If you do not want or need CE credits, the Grand Rounds is FREE.  I am currently working on a day and time to do these, again I am working to try to place them in times were we are not encumbered by work or patient issues.


The MD Referral Program is creating a separate landing areas for the CE University that will allow you to access CE created by the program.  Presently I had just concluded work with the medical school that will allow us to get copyright permission for you to actually obtain the research paper, review the course packet then take a class on a variety of topics.  These will include many of the issues encountered in practice including “innervation of degenerative discs”, “acute vs chronic schmorl’s nodes”, “radiculitis vs radiculopathy”, “cervical facet syndrome” to name a few of them.  These will be a ton of fun, easy to access and are designed to keep you current on cutting edge topics.  There will be a small additional copyright licensing fee along with the CE fee, it should only be $10-15, but it is necessary to ensure compliance with copyright law.  More on that this weekend.

There is a LOT going on and I have never been more excited and happy to be a chiropractor.  We are being validated on a daily level and if you are NOT where you want to be in practice please schedule a call with me, I can and WILL help you.  Bill



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