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One of the best parts of working with me  is that I AM DOING THE SAME THING to build and maintain my practice.  I am not talking about something that I did in the past or something that I THINK may work, this is how I keep my patient volume up and grow.   I have a strategic plan that I implement every day that starts with the front desk, works through the clinical staff to the providers and connects to our community outreach.  This is a process and it is predictable, scalable and it works.   Here are some of the items that you should take note of in order to maximize your use of the program.  The focus if this PROGRAM is to get you to the INSIDE of the healthcare system and is done through a multi-pronged approach using Academic Healthcare, Hospitals, Corporate Groups, Emergency Departments, Urgent Care Centers, Surgeons, Pain Management Doctors and Primary Care.  It is ALL important and there are many ways to succeed…

Build Your Network– Focus on building the network NOT on results to start.  You need to get into the habit of community outreach and education.  The bigger the network, the more likely you are to succeed.  PROVIDERS MUST KNOW WHO YOU ARE, it is not how many YOU know, it is about how many KNOW YOU!

      Provider vs Administrative Approach

      Academic and Clinical Marketing

      Build Advocates from the Inside

      Repeat visits – provide more marketing materials, share clinical information and share research.

 Family Practice Resident Lecture

      January 4th– 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST

      Focus is on the Interprofessional Management of Mechanical Spine Pain

      Everyone is invited

      Should be around 20+ Family Practice Residents present

 Grand Rounds at my Office – LIVE via the Web

      Will be announcing dates shortly, but we will be going through special cases with interesting diagnoses.

      Frequency will be once per month

      These will utilize peer reviewed medically indexed

      Come learn, share and ask questions

Fellowship in Spinal Biomechanics and Trauma

    I am posting the curriculum on the MD Referral Program site.  That is the complete outline for the Program and it will give you a better understanding of the rotations etc. 

    Regarding the didactic portion of the program, the best and easiest way to think about it is to complete the coursework and become a Trauma Team Member.  Here is the list…CLICK HERE – you also can find details

MD Continuing Education Lectures –

    This is coming first of the year and is being opened to doctors in BOTH the MD and Lawyers PI Program. 

    This will allow YOU to present lectures to MDs that render Medical CE Credits.

   I will be speaking about this at next week’s Tuesday MD Program meeting and will provide all the details.  This should cost you    NOTHING, I will show you how to get sponsorship. 

In the end, ALL of these great and cool things work best when you have built a network.  

Providers MUST know who you are…

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