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Consultation – Administration vs Treatment – where to put you money

From:  William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP


VIDEO – Treatment versus Administration – where to put your money


Having gone through starting a practice twenty years ago and continuing to trouble shoot the small and large issues on a daily basis, for my practice and those in 38 different States I have noticed some interesting trends.  I have become aware of some of the more common pitfalls in practice and those things that seem to be recurring regardless of how long the doctor has been in practice, how many patients they see or where they are located.  The key and the goal of any business is to create a foundation with each step of growth that can support the next phase or the process.  If the foundation is not solid, you run the risk of the tower getting more brittle has it gets taller.   This is especially true with personnel and the “buy in” you get from them.  Keep in mind that large businesses have a “Human Resource” department for a reason, also know that much of the reason automation and AI [Artificial Intelligence] is to remove the unpredictably of human response in business.  I don’t think that we will ever get to that point in my lifetime, however if you put a motivated, loyal and highly trained person in a position to use technology properly they will transform your office and your future business.  IF you do it right. 

Out of 100 doctors that I speak to at any given time about practice growth and investment, I would honestly say 99.4% of them would say to hire an associate before they would hire an Executive Assistant.  Listen to this video to learn why that is a potential mistake and why you may want to consider viewing your office infrastructure from an administrative vs a clinical angle. 



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