There are a lot of assumptions out there and one of the most common is that chiropractic has little research proving its effectiveness.  That could NOT be further from the truth.  The truth is, there is a ton of research. However, it is not getting into the hands of the field doctors, nor is it being shared with the medical profession.  Dr. Mark Studin, founder and creator of the US Chiropractic Directory which is currently the #1 chiropractic entity in the world, put out these statistics relating to chiropractic research (for more information on this, please visit in an e-mail yesterday:

If your community knew the following, would you get more new patients?

87% of low back pain patients improved under chiropractic care.

94% of acute neck pain (torticollis) patients get better under chiropractic care.

Chiropractic prevents arthritis. 

90% of lumbar disc patients get better with chiropractic care.

Chiropractic reverses aberrant sensory issues and improves motor control.

Chiropractic increases balance and prevents falls.

Chiropractic has been deemed safe for children.

Chiropractic is 457% more effective than medicine for chronic low back pain.

83% of dizziness sufferers improved under chiropractic care.

Chiropractic certified 75% more effective than drug therapy for headaches and migraines.

85% to 100% of headache sufferers get better with chiropractic care.

Better still, if THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY IN YOUR AREA KNEW THE ABOVE, WOULD YOU GET MORE NEW PATIENTS?  The answer is YES.  The problem is no one is going to share these important findings with the medical community in your area except you or your office!  This is VERY easy and should be part of your normal community outreach efforts.  In fact, it is easier to build relationships with MDs and get referrals directed by them than it is to market to the public.  Think about it, how much time, money and effort does it take to engage in the following external marketing to the public (business to consumer/your office to the public)?

Health and Wellness Fairs


Yellow Pages 

Workshops and Talks

Let’s break this down into current numbers.  The national utilization rate of chiropractic care is about 7%.  If you had a table at a health fair to generate 24 new patient visits (6 per week for the next month), you would need to talk to 340 people.  You can figure out how much time and effort that takes to accomplish, especially because these events are held on evenings or weekends and translates into time away from your family.  On the flip side, if your external marketing efforts were focused on working SMARTER rather than HARDER, you would look to a process that would turn a few people into advocates of you and your office.  These advocates would REFER people to you and your efforts would be directed to someone with credibility doing all the talking for you.  Here is an example and this can be done with any medical specialty.

In an MD office that has 5000 active patients (VERY CONSERVATIVE), working with the MD to EDUCATE him/her on the benefits of chiropractic care that have been published in peer reviewed medically indexed journals, takes little time and effort compared to the previous health fair process.  In this scenario, to generate 24 new patient visits the MD would have to have examined 340 patients.  In most cases, this is done within 1.5-2 weeks in busy practices.  Now the million dollar question, HOW MUCH EFFORT DO YOU EXPEND WHEN THE MD SEES 340 PATIENTS?  NONE.  The effort you put in is simply building the relationship and staying in front of them.  

Chiropractic offers a level of care and satisfaction that cannot be beaten.  The problem is, no one knows about it.  Work smarter rather than harder.  Build advo
cates in your community and you will not have to worry about money ever again.


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