What are YOU teaching the medical community?

What the medical community doesn’t know about spine pain is an issue for spine patients in your community.  They are swamped with caring for diabetics, hypertensives and a host of other infectious and degenerative conditions.  Formal education in healthcare on spinal biomechanics is horribly deficient, there is no single profession that “owns” that territory, therefore medicine rests, medicates and rehabilitates overlying spinal musculature.  They do this without diagnosing and treating the CAUSE of the problem, SOUND FAMILIAR?  With that as an introduction, this is what MOST chiropractors do to build their practice.

Build an awesome SIGN, trying to cram as much about their practices as they can, listing ALL the techniques they offer – after all, patients are shopping for a certain “technique” right?

Lead conversations and educational programs to the community with TECHNIQUE.  They say “I do spinal decompression”, “I do cold laser”, “I do activator” and the list goes on and on.

Market to the public directly during public lectures, Health Fairs, Spinal Screens and internally to patients for referrals.  By the way, there is nothing wrong with this, it is just outdated and doesn’t work as well as it did in the past – mostly because information is not held by those that know [think of the movie Kung Fu master, he has the “key” to certain knowledge and therefore has the power over it], instead because of the internet an social media, people can get the information they need without going through a sage master.

Wait for patients to call the office or walk into their clinic.


What is missing, on a global scale, in all of this is the chiropractor as a LEADER in spinal biomechanics [subluxation] and teaching the medical community HOW to refer to us.  Think about what we are teaching other professionals about what we do?  I still here DCs saying “we don’t really know or understand what we do…” when I ask them to explain the chiropractic subluxation in a few sound bites.  Do you EVEN know yourself what you do, can you explain it in 4 sentences or less AND, AND, AND can you tell that to a primary care physician so that they can refer all their mechanical spine patients to you?  If not FIGURE IT OUT or call me…there are thousands of patients that waiting to fill your office. The reason they think of PT first is because that is what their attending in medical school taught them, NO PLACE in medical school do they learn to send to PT…get over that and educate…it is fun and easy.  They are looking for a credentialed chiropractor to handle those cases.  This is what you do….

Introduce yourself

Bring a copy of the Science of Chiropractic

Bring a copy of your CV – [use the USChiropracticDirectory.com to build it]


Introduce yourself to the staff

Say “I specialize in the diagnosis and case management of mechanical spine pain”

Learn to TEACH in sound bites…

It is that simple, remember they CAN’T REFER if they don’t KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

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