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What is a REAL marketing plan for your practice? 

Why do so many fall SHORT of their GOALS?

An 8 Part Series 

#8 Marketing, Branding and Entrepreneurship 

Consultation #12


Your office MUST have a way to get to the “Masses of Asses” J in a very general, easy and consistent way.  You never know who the next big referrer will be and this is the process by which you start to identify them.  This is the part that eventually will be given to a staff member or marketing person.  Although you are delegating this item, YOU need to be in control and be able to track everything that is going on with this system because like it or not, SOMEDAY that person doing all the work will leave.  When they do, you will be left scratching your head wondering what they have been doing all this time and the locations of all the contacts.  God forbid they get hired by a competing chiropractic office (yes we do compete as chiropractors in business).  This aspect of the marketing campaign is visiting MD offices and the basic introduction outreach with the Bimonthly Flyers and your CV.  Detailed information can be found at in the Membership Portal #24 – that video will help you to understand the process, you can have your staff watch it.  This is the place to start, the next sections in this series will NOT WORK without this infrastructure in place, it is critically important to your success.  Unfortunately, you have to at the beginning at least, do this yourself until you have the system in place.  It is already perfected for you but YOU have to have the implementation set.   Whenever I am looking to find some new referral sources, I ALWAYS go back to this portion of the marketing program, it gives you something solid to start with and has a natural progression that leads to personal one on one relationships.  In the end your marketing person is going to be the one that is “bird doggin’” for you. They are going to be pointing you in the right direction so that instead of trying to meet and greet 100 MDs you will be focusing on the 10-15 that are the golden eggs.

When you are setting this up you need to have a Office 365 document or a google docs set up so that you are keeping this all organized and consistent.  Good information is worth its weight in gold and you have to build as you go.  This is critical once you start handing this over to a staff member.  Use the MD Database Form, under the Getting Started Forms in Section #15 – Forms and Communications Materials, it is already created for you.  In that section is also the Annual MD Calendar which will give you an entire year spreadsheet in which to organize your outreach.   The key to this process in the long term is to perfect for your office then hand it over to someone to do it that you can monitor.  Now you can move on to the next thing…more on that tomorrow…

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