What is a REAL marketing plan for your practice? 

Why do so many fall SHORT of their GOALS?

An 8 Part Series 

#8 Marketing, Branding and Entrepreneurship 

Consultation #14


This is now where you start to position yourself as a TRUE leader in spine care in your community.  You are now bringing quality and timely Medical Continuing Education to the Primary Care and Medical Specialty Community in your area.  You are moving from simple global outreach to more specific methods and now you are adding the professional academic aspect to the process, this adds CREDIBILITY.  This is important since it lends CREDIBILITY to what type of information that you are offering, it puts you well ahead of the curve in the chiropractic as well as the medical community believe it or not and gives you an additional reason to reach out with VALUE to the MD offices. For you, remember this is under my Adjunct Professorship at University of Buffalo Medical School so there are some limits for you, these are 1-1.5 hour CME (Continuing Medical Education) that are already developed and proven to build referral relationships. 

So we go from GLOBAL OUTREACH to PRACTICE OUTREACH to CONTINUING EDUCATION.   That is why the MD Database is so critical to build as you go.  Once you have network of MD offices that you are doing Lunch CME with, then we discuss having me do a full 8-hour day CME. The medical school will only allow ME to do these, so I either come in live or we co-present the lecture with me being broadcast on a video conference through GoToMeeting.  The second option is great because it really puts you in the driver seat as the core presenter while maintaining compliance for the Medical School.   When I do these for my offices, they are focused on the Primary Care Medical community and I have my medical specialists presenting as well.  I suggest that you build this type of outreach and bring those specialists in to cover fees and to contribute to the presentation, everyone wins. 

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