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William J Owens Jr. DC, DAAMLP, CPC 
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Category #8 – Chiropractic Research for the Primary Care Physican 
Category #9 – Chiropractic Research for the Medical Specialist


The Secret to Success in the MD Program
The reason that the average new patient referral from the medical community to the doctors in the MD Program is 16-20 patient referrals per month is because of our ability to communicate WHAT chiropractic does in a way that the MDs understand.  It is all simply about taking the research, understanding it, creating a series of talking points and then translating that into words that the MD can relate to…SIMPLE right? 
We focus on the simplest part of chiropractic which is corrective care and pain management.  From a chiropractic standpoint that it the equivalent of the black and white TV, BUT it is a critically important starting point for endless referrals from the medical community.  I will not compromise on your success because YOU deserve it, CHIROPRACTIC deserves it and you PATIENTS deserve it.  I firmly believe that the better you can community chiropractic research to the medical community, the more patients you will get.  That is what I do every single day in my own practices.  It is not BS, it is real and MDs are looking for you, they are hiring DCs at an unprecedented rate but just because a DC is working inside an MD office does not mean that the DC and MD have a good working relationship.  I get referrals from MDs that actually have DCs working in their practices! It is about clinical excellence and understanding what the research says about your profession.  That is, it.
So what I am going to do is start a series of webinars and lectures related to the research, creating bullet points and translations to help you get even MORE referrals.  These will be recorded at a specific time during the week, so if you can’t make it, they will be posted on the MD site.  If you can make it, I will be available for questions and answers.  This way we can continue to build your practice at a higher level.  Since I am teaching in the medical and chiropractic academic worlds, there are trends in education that I can grasp hold of and bring to you.  I am trying to find the days and times that work the best for the most doctor, below is a quick survey to help me decide what day and times work best.  I am staying away from weekends and we have to come to an agreement on times since we are dealing with different times zones as well.  This survey will be good until this Sunday – April 10th at 11:59pm.  I will send an email with the results next week. 

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