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Hope you had a great trip!  

YES was very good to get away…

Quick update, just resuming handing out the research flyers has increased the number of referrals from consistent providers that have referred to me in the past. However, it is not done anything for the onesie twosie MD’s.

Sometimes those practices are situated in a way that patients STOP talking about their spine pain because they get ignored…I like to take the ones that are referring constantly and have them introduce me to other MDs that are like minded…That helps a lot because they generally run in similar circles and the introduction method is powerful. 

Secondly, the imaging rep has not gotten back to me and I have already followed up with him once since we met two weeks ago. However, I met with the referral coordinator at the clinic that refers me quite a bit of business, and they’re open to me having a in-service. I’m totally fine paying for it myself.  

Yes and I would call the rep letting him know that you are very disappointed and it is to the point that you are considering working with someone else.  

Thirdly, I trained my receptionist to put patients on the traction tables, stopped doing it myself, then changed my schedule from four patients an hour to six patients an hour and the clinic has automatically grown. Averaging more patients per day!

YES!  The Universe wants to see the you have room before it sends more people… 🙂


Fourthly, the dream of adding one and eventually two doctors with the final outcome of me being able to step away from patient care, is becoming more AND MORE vivid. I’m getting hungrier and hungrier for the dream to come to pass. Note: you are one of the few people I talk to the seems to understand how exciting that dream is. It feels like this should be an internal conflict, like I’m “supposed to be” excited to see more patients, but the reality is deep on the inside is I’m not. I’m excited that more patients will allow me to grow the business, as I still do care for these people as patients, I do want them to get good care.  

Yes 100% that is the way to think.  You will help more people by creating an infrastructure that will support 2-3 DCs seeing 200+ per week than you would seeing 200 on your own.  

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