Step by Step Processes

When you are reaching out to the MD office and primary care offices in particular, it is helpful to understand who to talk to and in what stages.   Remember, these are generalizations and may need to be modified as you go, but they will at least give you a platform to work form.

Visit 1 – this is based on NOT being perceived as “wanting patients”.  The MD offices are inundated with sales people and when you go in there asking for something, they will automatically put up the wall.  That is why coming in from an Academic approach is critical, you want to come in there “giving” something.   When you come in, you want to smile and introduce yourself to the front desk staff.  Remember, I like to pre-call so I don’t walk in there during the busiest time.   Here is what you or your staff say…

YOU – Hello, my name is Dr. Owens, my office specializes in the diagnosis and management of mechanical spine pain.  I see many of your patients and I want to introduce myself, drop off my curriculum vitae so your doctors understand my level of training.  I am part of a national research initiative with a focus on evidence based spine care, I brought a binder with some of the more important studies.   I will be back in a few weeks to drop off some more research and I would love to be able to introduce myself to the doctors. 

         YOUR STAFF – Same thing, but they introduce themselves on your behalf.

Visit 2 – This is the time that you ask to see/meet the Office Manager.  Everything goes through the Office Manager and IF they like you (advocate) you have an open door to that practice.  This is where you repeat “My office specializes in the diagnosis and management of mechanical spine pain”.  You also discuss with the Office Manager the following:

                You bring an additional copy of your CV

                Bring a SAMPLE compliant report – so you can show him/her what to expect from your office. 

                Bring a stack of Post Cards that you have printed – see Entrepreneurship and Branding   

                Discuss bringing lunch to meet with the providers

                Discuss providing Continuing Medical Education to providers

Review that you “Manage” spine cases – this is different from treatment since you are there to manage the patient including work notes, disability forms etc. They are not used to hearing that since THEY have to do all that if they send to PT. 

This is the FASTEST it will occur – so if you need it may take a few more visits.  HOWEVER you need to ASK for referrals once you meet the Office Manager or the equivalent.

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