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#46 What the Binders are REALLY about

I have this conversation with offices almost on a daily basis.  When you are first beginning this process, it is EASY to over think the binder and get “Analysis Paralysis”…sometimes we think that in order to get the MD to respond everything as to be perfect and if one little item is left out, then all is lost.  Honestly that could not be further from the truth.  ALWAYS remember that you are communicating with a clinician, NOT an executive.  An easy analogy is the military.  If am talking with an infantry man/woman on the front lines in a foxhole I speak one way.  If I am presenting to the Joint Chiefs of Staff OR a General I look and act very different.  When you are presenting yourself to someone that is in the trenches like you, it is always a good idea to be yourself, that is the way you feel most comfortable presenting and that will make you come off as genuine. 

 SOOOO, regarding the binders…they are there for two reasons….

 1:  They position you to be reaching out from an academic [teaching] standpoint NOT a political one and certainly not from “Pandering for Patients” perspective.  The latter two are an INSTANT turn off.  The point is that you are T

2:  They also give you an excuse to revisit the MD office on a regular basis.  Think about that…if you are pandering for patients an instant wall goes up between YOU and your audience.  If you try to come back it gets even worse…No one likes to be SOLD…

 Lead with education and people will refer to you because you are the BEST of the BEST not because you ASKED THEM TOO!!  You will meet offices that “don’t do lunches”, “don’t do meetings” extra – what they are saying is they don’t do meetings with sales people.  When you encounter those, let’s talk.

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