This is an email sent in the other day with many common questions.  I answered them in red…Remember this is about repetition for you so the more you see the concepts in different formats, the easier it all becomes. 

Dr. Owens: Yesterday, I visited three medical offices (one a DO) and the “Communications, Marketing & Public Affairs” lady at Peace Health St. Joseph Medical Center.  I traveled from the middle to the north to the south of Bellingham which I really didn’t realize the place is that spread out.  During this week I will meet with other offices.  

The medical offices were great even though I did not meet the doctors.  That is GREAT…like I had mentioned, about 80% of our referrals from medical offices come from staff…MAKE them your friends.  Remember it is about building advocates inside the practice…if the staff likes and trusts you they will make things happen.  

The male office manager in one office informed my assistant that he will make a meeting happen.  Ok he needs to be followed up with in a week or so…You can call him up and say that you know he’s busy but you’d like to get a date set up…

The DO wants me to come over and have lunch.  Set that up ASAP that is a PRIORITY…make sure you go to the office and BRING lunch…if you just go out with the DO, you miss the opportunity to include the staff – that is a mistake.  ALWAYS include the staff, ALWAYS make them laugh and make sure they know that you understand how hard they work…Be real and treat them well – they WILL remember you.  

The lady at Peace Health is going upstairs to have a “supervisor” arrange a 1 credit hour presentation by myself for the hospital and surrounding doctors.  I can hardly wait.  So, what do you want me to do next?  I ask that because I told you I will do what you tell me to do.  Also understand that I am doing what my assistant tells me to do.  That means I am nothing but a slave.  By the way, the Peace Health lady was extremely awed by the papers.  Thankyou.  Richard   GREAT…the missing link in many of these scenarios is the follow up and follow through.  IF they are doing the credits that is ok, but for you to do it there are some  additional CE you need to do…The Med school will only let me work with people that have some certification.  I can fill you in on that, but it is mandatory.  For now, focus on getting into the MD offices like you are already..GET THOSE LUNCHES SET!

P.S. What is the next step for the offices which I have visited with regard to the next “set” of research documents if in fact that is the next step?  Get the lunches then I will teach you want to say to close the deal and get referrals…:) 

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