Building Advocates INSIDE the Medical Practice

We just recently reviewed our referrals and what we found this time around was a little surprising…We found that about 80% of our new patient MD referrals in some locations are coming from STAFF not the MD!  When we go into the office or hospital setting we spend most of our time with staff.  They are required by law to have a lunch break and are often left unnoticed and under appreciated.  Offering to feed someone is a fundamental gift that these types of employees really appreciate.  Most of the time they are working through their lunch and eating on the fly.  When you tell them that they are appreciated and they need to eat, they really understand that, it allows you to connect on a basic human level.  That is where trust starts, it is NOT about your chiropractic outcomes or your treatment strategy!  No one gives a $#*&, what they want is a doctor that can relate to them on a personal level, one they trust and one that has a specific specialty (yes you guessed it, the diagnosis and management of mechanical spine pain).

 Feed the staff, make friends with the staff and build relationships between YOUR staff and THEIR staff.  Now that the weather is clearing we are going to host a Staff Meet and Greet at a local restaurant so all the staff can get together and put a face with the voice they hear on the phone.  These are the things that help to get a patient to the surgeon IMMEDIATELY when needed or to fit in a patient to the MRI right away.   It all matters and in the end what keeps your office full of new patients are your relationships. 

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