chiro-med-eduInterestingly the authors reported “Providers’ understanding of chiropractic changed over the course of the study period, [18 months of integration] from seeing it as a largely unknown practice to understanding both the science and the actual practice of chiropractic.” (p 20) The paper continues to report “By the end of the study period, the change in caseload of the additional treatment option chiropractic provided, and relief to the healthcare team stemming from referring difficult cases – those for whom the conventional medical treatment options had been ineffective – to the chiropractor provide to have a positive impact on the providers’ individual and group practice”. (p 21)

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Garner, M. J., Birmingham, M., Aker, P., Moher, D., Balon, J., Keenan, D., & Manga, P. (2008). Developing integrative primary healthcare delivery: adding a chiropractor to the team. EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing, 4(1), 18-24.

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