chiropractic-improves-neuronsA peer reviewed medically index journal article written by Garner et al (2008) stated “Physicians and other healthcare practitioners are now being placed in multidisciplinary teams, yet little research on integration exists.” (p 18) The focus of this paper was on the integration of chiropractic care to a health care team. The authors went on to state “General questions regarding both the legitimacy of chiropractic as a form of healthcare and the effectiveness of chiropractic moved from neutral responses to increasingly more positive responses. By study end, the providers were indicating that chiropractic care for low back pain was safer than anti-inflammatory medication.” (p20).

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Garner, M. J., Birmingham, M., Aker, P., Moher, D., Balon, J., Keenan, D., & Manga, P. (2008). Developing integrative primary healthcare delivery: adding a chiropractor to the team. EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing, 4(1), 18-24.

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