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Welcome to one of the most exciting ways to educate and motivate medical doctors in your community to work with you based upon your clinical excellence. If we both do our jobs properly, the medical community will seek you for their patients as the solution to their biomechanical spine problems.  


When doing a live Teleconference, the object is for the audience to be able to see and hear you, while you see and hear them. If a 2-way conversation can be head, then after 2 minutes, the audience will not realize that I am not in the room. I have done so many of these over the years to realize that great outcomes do not come from being there in person or live via teleconference, but the discussion over the lunch break and the follow up after the meeting. The presentation creates the paradigm change in the MDs thought process on triaging spine cases.



STEP 1: Pick a Date

Saturdays are good days for meetings as the focus is getting a full day [8 hours] of CME [Continuing Medical Education]. My personal experience is that it is easier to get an MD to show up for 8 CME then 2-3 hours over a dinner on a clinic work day.  It is nearly impossible for them, just like us, to get out on time let alone have the energy to pay attention and interact.

Click on the following link to the American Academy of Family Physicians to make sure your meeting will not conflict with any of their meeting dates. Do not worry about committee meetings, only conventions or entire association meetings.  They can be found on line at

If this is your first meeting, you will need a minimum of a 8 week lead time. Repeat meetings need 6 weeks as they will get to know you professionally and with my help you will have an infrastructure in place to market the program.

STEP 2: Pick a Location

Hotels, banquet halls or conference centres are all geared to hold this type of meeting. Restaurants, as a rule, are not, especially since this is an 8 hour program.  You need a private, soundproof room removed from the rest of the venue that can hold a 15-20 people. I have also found that MRI companies often have conference rooms that they are willing to let you use.  When we talk we can discuss the finer details, I will coach you through it.

The seminar is an all-day event with a small breakfast [coffee, bagels and muffins – don’t spend a lot but have something there as a courtesy].  Lunch should be delivered to the venue or provided on site.  We take a one hour break for lunch, but the key is to have everyone eat there together – that build rapport.  We don’t want them to leave. 

Audio visual requirements:
1. 8′ screen minimum
2. Secure “hardwired” Ethernet connection (internet connection)
3. Laptop or desktop

4. USB Digital, hand held camera/webcam (to pan the audience)

5. Tripod

6. USB Wireless microphone – [the Blue Snowball is suggested]

NOTE: all the equipment can be purchased from Radio Shack or equivalent for very little money. With today’s technology, inexpensive digital will handle the needs of the teleconference.

I have already purchased the necessary Web portals to transmit and receive.

*IMPORTANT – you will need to sign the “Speaker/Planner Declaration Form” – you will be listed as a Co-Presenter along with me. This is a CRITICAL part of the approval process.  I will email you the form once you select a date.

STEP 3:  Create an Invitation

E-mail to the following information:

1. Venue name, address, phone number
2. Your fax number for R.S.V.P.
3. Your contact person and phone number for invitees questions
4. Your e-mail address

I will create the invitation and post it on the MD site for everyone to download and for you to start inviting guests.  I recommend HAND DELIVERING the invitation with the option to fax back for registration.   I have the MRI company that is sponsoring the event to deliver to all the MDs on their referral list [I will teach you how to do that]. 

Put a file folder next to the fax machine and instruct staff to place the R.S.V.Ps in the folder. You will have ONE place to keep track of everything.  Pick ONE staff member to create an excel spread sheet with contact information as they come in.

STEP 4: The Sponsorship Funding Process

Paying for the seminar can be either underwritten by you, outside sponsors or a combination of the two.

$3,000 is my fee which includes the ability to render CME credits to the medical doctors without charging them
$1000 – $1500 for the venue and lunch [you can do this through sponsorship as well]

NOTE: All fees have to be paid prior to the event. If a credit card is utilized, the 2.5% rate is added to the fee. I absorb course approval fees and CME fees related to the coursework are absorbed by me.

Potential sponsors are any businesses that the contacts at the seminar will benefit, regardless of referral interests. You can co-sponsor an educational program where each of you enter into an agreement that you cover specific costs that are fixed and not dependent upon any referral arrangement.

Historically, the following are willing sponsors with suggested contributions:
1. Other DCs in the MD Referral Program $1000
2. MRI Companies $3000.00

3. Neurosurgeons $2500
4. Orthopedic surgeons (non-spine) $2500
5. Pain management specialists $2500.00

6. DME/Medical supply companies $1000

7. Electro diagnostic Testing Providers – $2500

IN ADDITION, any other entity that would like to display their services or products to the medical community. You ultimately determine the fees and everything is negotiable.

When communicating with potential sponsors, the following is a sample script:

“I am coordinating a formal continuing educational program for primary care physicians. We will be having between 25-50 in attendance and a nationally acclaimed speaker will be presenting an approved course with Category I AMA Credits for the medical doctors. The program will be on ______ and will be from 8:30am -5:30 PM. I am looking for co-sponsors and the program will be altered to include you. The total cost of the program is $4,000 – $5,000 and I will be responsible for the balance.”


NOTE: Please understand that this program is part of my livelihood and if you choose to sponsor a seminar, I will have subsequently turned away others for your date as the number of requests far outweigh my time to accept all requests. Therefore if you book a seminar and cancel for any reason within 10 weeks, I will have to charge you $1000 and for any future seminars, you will have to pay my fee upon booking the seminar. For every seminar I book, I spend a considerable amount of time in securing CME accreditation, customizing the presentation for your area along with rearranging my family’s schedule to ensure I am both available and prepared. My travel schedule for my national seminar circuit is also based on seminar dates.  My goal is to successfully perform at the highest level for you to win…thank you for understanding.

STEP 5: Attendance and How to Fill the Room

Filling the room is usually the easiest part. The topics presented are the most pressing issues in the medical arena nationally and with a very little bit of education, the medical doctors will come especially when they can get 8 hours of CE for FREE! 

The single best way to fill the room is with “old fashion hand delivering” to the medical offices and handing it directly to the office manager [not staff]. Faxing is also a quick way to continue to reach out to busy clinics; email works, but is not as effective.  This is a very easy process although first, there is the obligatory disclaimer and in moving forward, you must agree to the following:

The Facility shall indemnify and hold harmless Dr. Owens, its agents, employees and principals from any and all issues, claims and matters, disputes of any nature whatsoever arising from the terms of this agreement and/or any services or actions rendered by Dr Owens to the Facility. The Facility also understands that Dr Owens does not render any legal opinions and it is the responsibility of the facility to seek legal counsel regarding Facility’s state and federal regulations, including, but not limited to, all transmitted materials and recommendations. This agreement may not be amended, altered or supplemented except by a written agreement executed by both parties.

The reason for this, there is a “do not fax law.” Previously, we had a few legal problems until we hired the right lawyers who educated us on how to prevent any adverse legal actions from predator lawyers who use a fax and the courts to extort you. Since we have followed the instructions to the letter, we have not had any adverse issues for quite some time. This doesn’t mean a medical doctor cannot sue as that is anyone’s right. It does mean that if you follow the rules you should not have any problems and it has been years with dozens of seminars nationally and no problems.  Just a reminder, I HAND DELIVER my flyers for the CME in my area for my offices.

Once a SINGLE PAGE flyer is created (no cover letter) with the FCC mandated language included, you need to create a fax list based upon established business relationships. Assign a dedicated staff member (temporary help is preferable) to take the phone book and call every primary care and medical specialty office.  Have the caller ask the following:

“This is XXX and I am calling from Dr. XXX’s office. We are hosting a free 8 hour CME seminar locally. May I have your fax number to send the invitation? What is your name? Thank you.”

Nothing more. This is a numbers game and your staff need not get into any conversation. The invitation says it all. Every time a conversation is involved, the caller misses many others that can get the information simply from reading the flyer faxed.

On the top of the single page fax, add the following across the top in legible ink, preferably with a Sharpie type marker so it is prominent.

TO: XXX as per your request on XX/XX/XXXX to fax number XXX-XXX-XXXX.

This document must be saved for 4 years in case an aggressive medical doctor’s lawyer wants to try to sue you. This is your proof that you have established the required business relationship and confirms you had permission and from whom.  Again, I hand deliver my invitations to the medical community in my area.  It gives me a reason to see them again.

I urge you to verify this with a local lawyer and to check your state’s faxing laws to ensure I didn’t miss anything. The same flyer should be faxed 3 times to the same office every other week. There should be a minimum of 1000 invitations faxed, which does not mean if there are 10 medical doctors in 1 one practice that counts as 20. It counts as 1. If you are considering hiring “temps” to do the tedious work of calling and getting permissions as per the suggestions above be aware of one major problem. The problem we are facing with temps is that greater than 50% are not truthful in reporting the number of medical doctors they have to contact.


Therefore you MUST police them and their lists by verifying how many medical doctors there are in your region and tell them what to do. Do not have them tell you the numbers as not 1 “temp” has been truthful to date.


Historically, you will get 20-30% to respond “yes.” This has been proven accurate in 90% of the venues nationally.


Calling. You the doctor should be calling every medical office manager you know and then everyone you do not know. Tell them:

“This is Dr. XXX and I sent an invitation for you and your medical staff to attend an 8 hour CME seminar on XXX. I am personally inviting you and your staff to be our guests as this is a free CME seminar.”

You should call at least 100 medical office managers.

STEP 6: Handout Requirements

1. A 1/2″ 3-ring binder in white.
2. I will supply you with a front cover containing your demographic information.
3. Your CV inside the front cover printed on quality tan stock with black ink.
4. Section 1: 3 MD Referral Program educational flyers with a research article that can be found in a public domain, so as not to infringe on copyrights.
5. Section 2: Slides of the program that will be provided. Printing in black and white, 1 to a page, 2-sided printing.
6. Add your business cards in the binders’ pockets.

7.Script Pads – order then CHEAP here –


STEP 7: The Seminar Event

Confirm 24 hours prior to the event via telephone and let the medical doctors know that a light breakfast and a full lunch on site will be served.

Bring a spreadsheet of the attendees in alphabetical order with:
1. Name
2. Address
3. Phone
4. E-mail address [critical for future marketing – get a personal email not corporate]

You need 1 copy for each office and/or sponsor at the event and 1 additional copy for CME purposes. Bring pens for all attendees.

Arrive 1 hour prior to the event with 1 additional staff member to help great the medical providers. Staff will coordinate the registration leaving you free to interact with the medical doctors.

Attire is business formal and you should be wearing your very best. At the seminar, your job is to socialize.


During the lunch break you will circulate the following paperwork in order for the MD to receive continuing education credits.  These will also be emailed to you to print.  

1.   Course Evaluation Sheet

2. Physician CME Credit Sheet


**When these care completed, you MUST by Monday of the following week fax the following to my office at 716.939.3867 with a cover page.


1.  Speaker/Planner Declaration Form


2.  Course Evaluation Sheet from EACH MD wanting CME


3.  Physician CME Credit Sheet


4.  Attendees list


This is important since I have deadlines on when I have to submit this paperwork. You are to instruct the MDs that the University of Buffalo will be sending out Certificates for this program to the address on the Attendance Sheet.  Make sure all aspects of that sheet are legible.   I suggest typing it out. 

After the seminar, you consult with Dr. Owens and will be given specific instructions on how to follow up to solidify relationships and build long term relationships with the medical community in your area.



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