lowerbackpainhistoryLet me TEACH the MDs in YOUR area about the true “Natural History of Lower Back Pain”.  The following article by Tamcan et al 2010 is the first and only population based study on the “Natural History of Lower Back Pain” and guess what?  It DOES NOT resolve on its own…

The article reference is provided below should you want to search and purchase the full article from the author

“Therefore, the current sample focused on the chronic and recurrent natural courses of LBP. Despite this difference, similar LBP  clusters were identified, although a ‘‘recovering” cluster was not found.”

 Tamcan, O., Mannion, A. F., Eisenring, C., Horisberger, B., Elfering, A., & Müller, U. (2010). The course of chronic and recurrent low back pain in the general population. Pain, 150(3), 451-457.

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Cifuentes, M., Willetts, J., & Wasiak, R. (2011). Health maintenance care in work-related low back pain and its association with disability recurrence. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine53(4), 396-404.

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