teach-mdsChiropractic care is unique in its philosophy to continue to manage a patient AFTER then have reached “Maximum Therapeutic Benefit” or MMI.  In a 2011 article by Cifuentes et al, the authors stated the following.

“After controlling for demographic factors and multiple severity indicators, patients suffering nonspecific work-related LBP who received health services mostly or only from a chiropractor had a lower risk of recurrent disability than the risk of any other provider type.  Even without an improvement in days until recurrent disability, our findings seem to support the use of chiropractor services, as chiropractor services generally cost less than services from other providers.” (p 404)

The article reference is provided below should you want to search and purchase the full article from the author

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Cifuentes, M., Willetts, J., & Wasiak, R. (2011). Health maintenance care in work-related low back pain and its association with disability recurrence. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 53(4), 396-404.

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