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 #41 Why the BINDER is so important



Within the MD Relationship Program is a system that will continue to elevate you and your practice, to stay on track it is important for you to understand what the “end game” really is and how to get there.  


The binders are the way to get the introduction going, they are the “reason” that you have to get into the MD offices and make friends.  The goal is to move through the front office staff to meet the office manager.  The office manager will be the one that helps you to establish the CE program within the MD office.  These CEs are designed to be short and cover certain points to make sure they TRUST your ability to diagnose and manage their patients, but that is just the beginning.  You are building a network of medical professionals that trust you and an environment based on collaboration.  This the network that provides the foundation for you to work with me on a larger one day CE program lasting 8 hours for the MDs in your area.  There is no right or wrong speed to move through this process.  Some offices it happens right away others it takes a while, some it will never work.  That is ok that is what you are working toward finding out.  They allow you or your marketing person the ability to get the “lay of the land”.  


Remember, the only way that you will really be able to TEACH the MD is to spend time with them, the only way they are going to make time for you is through FORMAL CE training.  My 8 hour lecture is the pinnacle of our outreach BUT it helps when the MDs have an idea of who you are.  That is why the outreach in the beginning is critical – you MUST build a following.  Stay the course and keep expanding your network.  This is no different than any other business creating a brand and reaching out to the community.  You have to have a plan and it has to be consistent.

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