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#24 Which Research To Choose for the MD Binder



When creating the binder for the medical offices, many of you are asking which flyers and research you should choose…These are the papers that I recommend that you start with, but the long term idea is to match the research to the point you want to make with the MD – that will only happen with practice AND by you knowing the research that is posted.  Please use these to start…. The “A” copy is for the MD while the “B” copy when available is for the patient.  I recommend putting the part “B” out in your office for patients to share with their families.
33A, 36A, 41A, 42A, 47A, 48A

These 6 focus on indications for chiropractic care, pain management and chiropractic care, chiropractic and post surgical care and cooperative spine care.  These are nice middle of the road papers that are perfect for starting a relationship with the MD.



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