Hip-ArthritisOsteoarthritis of the hip is a common clinical presentation and in a recent study by Poulsen et al (2013) the authors stated “In end stage hip OA [Osteoarthritis], joint replacement surgery is an appropriate and cost-effective treatment but a long-term cohort study has documented that only 20% of patients with radiographic hip OA have had surgery in 11-28 years after initial diagnosis. Therefore, non-surgical interventions with documented effectiveness become essential for patients who do not need, or choose to have, surgery.” (p 1494) The authors go on to say “Although guidelines recommend PE [patient education] as a core intervention, systemic reviews are contradictory in conclusions regarding their effectiveness on pain and function.” (p 1494)

1: Felicity L Bishop, Rachel Smith and George Lewith. Patient preferences for technical skill versus interpersonal skills in chiropractors and physiotherapists treating low back pain. Family Practice 2013; 30:197-203

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