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cv-guideBishop et al.(2012)
concluded their paper by stating “Similar factors are important to patients whether they are choosing an individual chiropractor or physiotherapist; patients particularly value information about technical competence.  An awareness of these factors should help primary care providers to direct patients to relevant information to support their decision making.” (p 197)


A significant measurement of technical skill can be directly correlated to provider credentials and the best source to determine credentials is the Curriculum Vitae (CV). In summary, the best and most desired practitioner for your patients is the highest credentialed and thus technically skilled.  Particularly when it comes to musculoskeletal care and the spine.



1:  Felicity L Bishop, Rachel Smith and George Lewith.  Patient preferences for technical skill versus interpersonal skills in chiropractors and physiotherapists treating low back pain.  Family Practice 2013; 30:197-203

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