MD Meetings – Continuing Education Lecture #14b

MD CME Presentation today Wednesday June 18, 2014


So after we got the pleasantries out of the way, remember that this was supposed to start at 12pm, the MD stopped back to say hello and that he was just finishing up with patients.  When he finally came back there was no time to complete the CME, the binders were sitting there on the table so I immediately pulled out my CV.  I at least wanted to get that out in the open…We talked about some patient issues and this is why I bring this up…It is CRITICAL that you are on you A-Game when you are talking to the MDs about patients and you should interject with patient testimonials with lines such as…

“I see a lot of those case and they respond really well”

“Many of the people referred into my office have similar problems”

“I have a lot of experience working with (DIAGNOSIS) and we have a great response”

“Many patients with (DIAGNOSIS) are very difficult to treat and generally fail at physical therapy.  Many of them are under chiropractic care just for pain management; did you know that chiropractic care is also used just for pain management?”

“Those types of patients are difficult to manage that is why I have post-graduate education and credentials in MRI Interpretation and Spinal Biomechanical Engineering”

So you see that you are always looking to toot your own horn but in a professional manner.  The art of this comes down to the “sound byte” the better you get at it the more of who you are can be woven into a simple conversation.  His response was “You have credentials in MRI interpretation? I don’t have a lot of training in MRI reading, is that what this CME was about?” DUH!?

We started talking about his practice and where he was having trouble. Since we didn’t have time to sit and go through the CME, I needed to find a reason to make friends and be able to contact him regularly.  What he said next was PERFECT and couldn’t have been planned better.  He mentioned that he had been audited not too long ago and there were issued regarding prescribing pain medication.  The issue was basically that he was not following updated protocols, those protocols relate to how much pain medicine a primary care physician is allowed to prescribe before they refer to a pain management specialist.  This is relatively new in NYS, in the past the primary care doctor could manage these patients under their normal scope but with the opioid abuse rising to epidemic proportions regulator bodies are consolidating pain management to specialists.  Needless to say he has to undergo additional CME per year to the tune of 50 hours!   He said the trouble is getting “real courses” that can help him understand spine care better as most are just sales type presentations.  OH BOY – I can help with that…this MD is a genuine “family doctor” that really has his patients best interest at heart, so I am willing to help him.  He has corrected his mistake but has to continue with the CME and 50 hours per year is a lot to do.  

Since I left that office we have talked about 10 different times and this is what we are going to set up.  Sometimes weird things present themselves as big opportunities and this was one of them.  Truth be told when I first left the office I was debating doing anything more with him, but the more I realized the potential of this project I jumped out of my skin!  Remember that each and every meeting or event has to be leveraged into the next.  Here is how I took at lame CME lunch that to most would seem like a waste of time and am going to turn it into a way to build a huge reputation in my area.

I am scheduling regular CME presentations for this MD that will be a full day long, so that will be about 8 hours at a time.  He is going to work with me to invite the rest of his Primary Care Physician friends to the CME and we will work out a time that is good for everyone.  That may be a Saturday or we may even have to do evenings and split it up.  I am also going to open this up to the AAFP (American Academy of Family Practitioners) in my local area while securing sponsorship from the MRI company that I work with, the orthopedic bracing company that I use exclusively and any other entity that wants to be in front of primary care physicians.    I have also discussed with him that I am here to help him and all that  I want in exchange for my effort are referrals.  SIMPLE.  I will keep you posted on this as it plays out, but the great thing is that these courses that I will develop for him will be available to you as a Member of the MD Referral Program.  

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