chiropractic-doctor-consulting-with-patientThere is a countless source of potential practitioners to refer patients to when clinically indicated, but which provider is the best for your patient? Do you send your patients to the outgoing, friendly professional down the street, or the technically skilled, quiet doctor next door?

Bishop et al.(2012) had published a study to help shed some light on what is most desired by patients when seeking or being referred to a healthcare practitioner. Two qualities were the main focus of the study, which included technical skill and interpersonal skill.   The authors stated “Contrary to our hypothesis, the practitioner’s reputation had the largest effect on respondent’s preferences and all practitioners with a reputation for technical ability were preferred over those with a reputation for interpersonal skills.” (p 197)



1:  Felicity L Bishop, Rachel Smith and George Lewith.  Patient preferences for technical skill versus interpersonal skills in chiropractors and physiotherapists treating low back pain.  Family Practice 2013; 30:197-203

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