#1 Program and Office Infrastructure 


         #40 It’s OK to ask for the Referral 


This program is designed to get the chiropractor INSIDE the MD office to build a professional relationship through cooperative patient care.  That is the easy part, getting into the office and getting to know the staff and the MD.  The barrier and hard part is often translating that to referrals, here are a two scripts to help you break the ice with the MD that you know and one that you haven’t worked with yet.  Remember the idea here is to get a dialog going with the MD.  It is similar to working with children, you empower them by making THEM think they made the decision.  You have to control the discussion by educating and quoting the research.  Keep reminding yourself that it only takes 2 MD offices to set you up for your entire career.

What do I say when I ask for the referral?  Follow this script but make it your own…These scripts are designed to be woven into a conversation not blurted out to one long paragraph.  This can be with MDs, nurses, physician assistants (PA) or nurse practitioners (NP).

An MD that I have not worked with yet…

“My experience working with spine patients is that we have to focus on correcting the biomechanical problems before we start a therapeutic exercise program.  That is why most spine patients don’t respond to Physical Therapy and end up in pain management on opioid medication.  Chiropractic’s entire focus is on biomechanical correction of the spine and research has shown while we are doing this it can control and manage pain.  That is why it must be the first step in the assessment and care of the spinal pain patient”

One that I have been working with…Generally speaking this is done via email, text or phone.  That is precisely why I have been telling you to collect personal information on the MDs you are visiting or building with. 

“Hey, its Bill…just wanted to make sure that my staff is doing their job and you are getting our reports.  We haven’t seen any patients from you in a while.”


“Hey its Bill, hope all is well.  I have made some additional room in my schedule to take on a larger patient load.  If you have any patients with acute or chronic spine pain that we can help please send them over.”


You have to be reaching out, teaching and staying in front of your referrals sources CONSTANTLY but without being overly aggressive.  You are the leader and need to lead the marketing effort. It is no different than any other business…How often do you see marketing pieces for the car dealership in your area?  

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