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MD Referral Program
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#30 Updates

Good Morning,

    Hello everyone, boy what a crazy fun time. There is a lot going on and coming up with the MD Referral Program, and I want to outline some of these things so you can understand what we are doing. There will be information coming from a new email address support@mdreferralprogram.com. Please add that to your Contacts so it does not get delivered to the spam folder.
    I had a new Family Practice Resident start with me last week Friday, right after the holiday. You can imagine how it would be to have the patient on the table asking questions and then also have someone else asking what is going on, but in a more detailed scientific way. The Residents are VERY respectful and I have to make sure that I am “teaching” as I go. It is funny how predictable it actually is,their responses are all similar. They are surprised at the level of the chiropractic examination and are always blown away with how thankful patients are after the adjustment. Always explain the difference between the acute and chronic patient and how the adjustment will vary based on the patients need. Some are forceful, others are gentle traction to start. The very first patient last Friday was a chronic pain patient, she loves to get adjusted and prefers aggressive treatment. I made sure that after I Adjusted C1-2 that I glanced at the MD, and her eyes were as big as dinner plates! The best part was that the patient stood up and said “Oh, my God that is soooo much better, thank you!” That set the tone. We reviewed A LOT of MRI and correlated them to the patients care; I wanted to really teach her how to recognize a chiropractic patient and how to know when to refer. She is back with me today and I will keep you posted on what the Residents are learning now that my head is on straight. She is about 6 months away from her Family Practice Boards and she is looking for a job, interesting stuff.
    Secondly,some of you may have already heard by talking to me that the MD Program is now working to provide FREE CE credits to members… membership has its privileges! There will be a certain amount of CE that is given to you based on your time in the program; I will be releasing the details shortly. Basically you will be getting CE for doing what you are doing already, the CE will be divided between the Consultations and new reviews of research papers etc.
    Next, there will be two more Bi-Monthly Fliers posted by the end of this week. They have to do with Chiropractic and Pain Management as a solution to the pain medication epidemic. I have used these papers to get into new MD offices recently and the discussions that I have had with the Family Practice Resident have allowed me to hone the message from these papers.
    Lastly, it is critically important that you do not lose momentum over the summer months. You don’t want to be a pest, but staying in front of the MDs will make the Fall much busier. That is precisely the reason that I had you build email and texting groups with the MDs and office mangers names. Whether it is the fliers, patient care, or simply to stop by, make sure that you create time to stay in front of them.
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how’s this?
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trial email! (i did proof read and spell check this as well!!)
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