#1 Program and Office Infrastructure  

MD Referral Program

    Consultation #87

             From the desk of

          William J. Owens Jr DC DAAMLP CPC

#25 Create Your Own Luck 

This Consultation is not about anything fancy but will be the most important one of your time with the program. This system works best when you talk to me regularly and the truth is, the people that are talking to me are the ones getting referrals and meeting with MDs. Trust me it is EASY but you have to let me guide you.   DON’T WAIT FOR THINGS TO HAPPEN AROUND YOU…it is critical to CREATE YOUR OWN LUCK…

I have built 2 hospital based chiropractic clinics and have started the first chiropractic elective in a medical residency program in the country. I have secured credentialing for continuing medical education for Advanced Imaging presentations.   This experience is here for you to borrow, steal and copy…that is what the program is all about.   I practice on a daily basis and receive 25-30 referrals from MDs per month in my practice. I am in the trenches meeting with new offices and building relationships. If you want to work with one MD that is terrific, if you want 3 primaries and a surgeon referring to you even better, frankly I don’t care and will be there to help you at which ever level you chose. My job is to help you get to where you want to be, increase your income and help you enjoy your life and family. Believe me, you can see 80patients per day, document everything, write referrals send out MD reports and walk out of that office ALL DONE without compromising patient care or chiropractic. 

Call me, I can help you…the people that are doing it have never been more excited about practice.
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