THE NEXT STEPS 24 NEW Chiropractic Patients Per Month
The MD Program is excited to announce two major upgrades to help you grow your practice.  These additions are provided to increase your level of expertise and build your reputation as an educator and “go to” person in your community.   In the end, it is about NEW patients and these two items are the next step.  In a recent Consultation I outlined how to develop relationships with the MD community and actually do Consultations on site which is the FIRST announcement.    If you have not read that Consultation, please do so immediately and call me.   I will help you to set that up.

The second announcement is the integration of CME lectures to the Medical Community into the MD Program.  For those that don’t know what this is, the CME program is a credential that allows you to present courses that are approved by the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences for Category I AMA Continuing Education Credits.   In the past this was a separate program.  We have decided to integrate that entire process into the MD Program.  This is a huge step for chiropractic and a gigantic step for your office.  For more information on how to get credentialed, email me at  You need to be in the MD Program, meet the credentialing requirements, take a quick training course online and that is it!  The first course is already completed and ready to go!  I have some VERY effective marketing techniques that have been proven to work, we will help you with that from the very beginning getting you in touch with the people that can promote you and your expertise.

The only thing holding you back is your ability to commit to a process.  These two additional programs are added without any additional increase in the $199 monthly subscription.  For $50 per week you have at your disposal the most powerful tools to generate 24 NEW patients per month from the medical community.  Email me and I can help you.

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