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William J Owens Jr DC, DAAMLP, CPC

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That is quite a statement, but it is true.  The method that I am about to share has been PROVEN to be successful over and over again.  What we need to understand is what really brings everyone down to the same simple and fundamental level in practice.  This issue is pervasive throughout ALL businesses and poses particular difficulty in healthcare professions, even more so in today’s environment. 

Have you guessed the answer?  It is MONEY…Without it you cannot operate your practice, pay your staff, feed your family or stay motivated to help people.  Practices essentially have 3 phases of producing income.  The first is marketing, the second is treatment and the third is collecting.  If there is a kink in any of those three phases, the entire system falls apart.  When you are delegating the duties that fall under each “pillar” of practice management to staff, you have to understand that it is YOU that must be in control.  You cannot teach what you do not know! 

The MD Affiliation Program is now bringing a PROVEN solution to the third “pillar” directly to you so that YOU and your practice can assist the medical doctors in your community to increase collections and, therefore, make more MONEY.  Here is the secret.  Many medical providers do not understand how to use the laws of the state in which they practice to collect their fees.  Most do not understand when and how to collect interest on unlawfully denied or delayed payments.  This is a program that will be taught by me and hosted by you over lunch for ALL the MDs in your area!  What better way to be invited into the MD office than to TEACH them how to increase collections to 90%?  For more information on How to Use the Laws of (insert your State here) to Collect Your Insurance Claims, please email me at drowens@teachdoctors.com .  {jcomments on}


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