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William J Owens Jr DC, DAAMLP, CPC

“Take Advantage of Internships”

Working on your infrastructure is a key component in your ability to grow smoothly and with as limited an amount of stress as possible.  One major factor in the decision making process is MONEY.  Paying people to do things that make you money is one thing, but paying “support” staff is more difficult to justify.  That is were technology can play a role, but that is for a different consultation.  One other item to consider is to partner with local teaching institutions (universities, colleges and trade schools) that have programs in the medical assistant, business administration, exercise science, and biology areas or any other program that requires students to have an internship experience.  Internships are a position in which the student is not paid in exchange for credits toward his/her degree.  This works out to be an interesting relationship and will help elevate your role in the community. 

I have had a relationship with the University of Buffalo Exercise Science and Nutrition Program for over 5 years which has led to me having developed the FIRST ever chiropractic elective for University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Science’s Family Practice Residents.  This residency program is one of the 3 original family practice programs in the country and on September 8, I will be presenting during grand rounds to 45 family practice residents on chiropractic.  This will allow them to rotate through my chiropractic office to see first hand what I do.  This is a FIRST for chiropractic and a FIRST for medicine!  That is where relationships can lead you.

My office staff has just gotten off the phone with a local trade school, Bryant & Stratton, that has a medical assistant program and the students need 160 hours of experience in a real work setting.  They were ALL OVER our interest in working with them.  Remember, the stronger the internship program the better THEIR program is and the more MONEY they make.  This intern will work with us to cover all the little things in the office that staff can’t get to.  The best part is that he/she will NOT be on payroll! 

Relationships are the key to long term success.  I encourage you to reach out to your community educational institutions.  It is good for everyone!{jcomments on}

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