Academy of Chiropractic

MD Referral Program 

Administrative Pillar – Program Overview – Apprentice

William J Owens Jr DC DAAMLP CPC

“If you do NOT have a plan, you are part of someone else’s” – Terrance McKenna

Program Consistency = Planning

The interesting thing about the Internet is that it allows things to be observed that may not otherwise be observable.  One of my daily observations is that I get to see WHEN YOU WERE LAST ON THE SITE!  The MD Referral Program is about just that, building relationships.  To be successful at building relationships, you have to be consistent and being busy, begins on notes or out of energy is not an excuse.  You have to have infrastructure built into your practice to handle new business and not having it is the death blow to practice growth.  This topic always needs tending too and focus on renewing your processes.  I do it on a weekly basis.  You MUST have a marketing system set up to work WITHOUT you!  (If you are starting out, it needs to be you, but the system has to handle growth.)  If everything is dependent on you, your practice will reach maximum capacity in a very short time.  This program is designed to be managed by your staff WITH your overseeing it.

You are the boss, doctor, CEO and ruler which doesn’t give you the ability to abuse people or take advantage of them, but it does give you the ability to build a business whose parts are running while you are treating and/or away from the office.  The only thing that MAKES money you money your office is patient care. The only things that TAKES money is EVERYTHING ELSE.  Doctors that do not understand that will struggle for years.  I have the ability to work with your staff or marketing person; take advantage of that opportunity.  Do not lose ground…As the doctor and the leader, this is what you need to do…

Get the MD database created and constantly update with new patients.  It doesn’t matter if it’s one patient or one hundred.  A process is a process regardless.

Communicate your Initial, Re-evaluations and imaging findings with the MDs of the patients you are treating regardless of whether they referred them to you or not.

Delegate the marketing and report sharing to a staff member or if your are new, do it yourself

Visit the site and read the consultations, interact with the program.  Set times to talk with me, even for 5 minutes a week

Visit the site, read customize the research fliers.  This is your profession’s research you MUST be familiar with it

Get that research to the medical community and specifically share it when it correlates to your patient’s condition.  Ex – if your patient has cervical radiculopathy, share that Interprofessional Spine Care Report (ISCR) with them in addition to the Initial Evaluation and your CV

Do it and do it consistently

If you need help, I will help you. The only thing that I am interested in is your success…I have new direct MD referral patients (NF or WC) scheduled in my office Monday through Friday.  Week after week it gets bigger and better.  The best thing is that I am not doing ANYTHING with the MD Program now except sending notes and talking on the phone.  My staff handles EVERYTHING…

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